Who we are

ATP is an association of the finest sports massage specialists in Austin. We are athletes and sports minded people just like you, so we understand your needs. And we understand the impact your chosen sport has on your body. Chances are that we’ve had the same hamstring or calf issues that you have! Read about our talented therapists.

What we do

ATP provides innovative bodywork and massage geared toward the needs of today’s elite, professional, or serious amateur athlete. We are conversant with the needs of runners, cyclists, triathletes, bodybuilders, and athletes of all sports. Our mission is to help the athlete enhance performance, speed up recovery time, avoid injury, and extend their career. Read our client testimonials.

Our goal is to provide Austin athletes with simply the best Sports Massage care available anywhere. We believe that Sports Massage enhances all athletic activity and is of proven benefit to athletes of all levels and abilities. Our primary focus is to release muscle restriction which could be caused by scar tissue or just muscle tension. By releasing the soft tissue, the muscle will have the range of motion it needs to repair itself and increase strength.

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