Sports Massage for Health and Healing

ATP provides innovative bodywork and massage geared toward the needs of today’s elite, professional, or serious amateur athlete. We are conversant with the needs of runners, cyclists, triathletes, bodybuilders, and athletes of all sports.

ATP can help you get over that nagging injury and prevent major injuries. We see all types of injuries, such as plantar fasciitis, turf toe, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder (rotator cuff injuries), knee pain, lower back, upper back, neck pain, TMJ, restless leg, and just about any pain in the body.

Come see us before you opt for surgery.

30 Minute Sports Massage

30-Minute Sports Massage

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1 Hour Sports Massage

1-Hour Sports Massage

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1 Hour Sports Massage

90-Minute Sports Massage

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Continuing Education Courses

Muscle Manipulation for Athletes

Learn how to manipulate muscles for the Athlete and release muscles to get the full range of motion. Distinguish between and atrophied muscle, an overused muscle, and a healthy muscle. Learn how to feel the muscle, see it in 3D, and get to the specific muscle. Learn how to release the origin and insertion of the muscles. Also includes best practices to strengthen and “activate” muscles. Learn proper body mechanics that will prolong your practice.

  • $99 per person, 5 student minimum, 6hr credit
  • $60 per hr 1-on-1 training, 1hr credit

For more information or to register for course, click here to email Ron.

ATP Certified program

The premise of this course is to teach you how to fish. Learn business practices that will separate you from the crowd and boost the demand for your services. Learn how to promote yourself, set up shop, get involved in sporting events, races and work pro athletes.

We teach a multi-disciplinary approach in working with the muscle and fascia. Students will enter a new paradigm, viewing the body in terms of how freely tissues slide and, when stuck, how to quickly and effectively get it gliding again.

We will teach you how and why it is so important to work muscles at their insertion as well as identify “missing link” problem areas other therapists miss! You will learn the key tissue culprits in common client ailments.

You will learn how to work on clients while they are dressed. This is a huge benefit to therapists and their clients because it saves time and convenience and allows any space to be an office! Our methods are highly influenced by the approach physical therapists take in working with the human body. Our techniques save energy, yet produce quicker results.

Athletic Tune-up Professionals will produce…

The Best Sports Massage Therapist in Austin

The Best Sports Massage Therapist in Texas

The Best Sports Massage Therapist in the United States

The Best Sports Massage Therapist in the World

After you’re certified, you will be eligible to rent space in the ATP Body Shop.

Program Fees:

  • $80 per hr
  • $2000 for 30hrs

For more information or to register for course, click here to email Ron.

Meet our Massage Therapists

Ron Vaughn, BESS, LMT, LMI, CEP
Owner and Tune-Up Professional

Sports Massage Therapist for the last 20 years.  Owner of Athletic Tune-up Professionals. Ron has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise & Sports Science from Southwest Texas State University San Marcos and a graduate from Austin Schools of Massage Therapy.

Ron’s all time favorite sport is football and he’s a dedicated Dallas Cowboys fan. He is an athlete that enjoys and will try any sport. Traveling, dancing, music, joking and cutting up are just some of the things he does.

Ron got into massage while attending college. He was able to combined his exercise & sports science and massage therapy knowledge to create a unique way of sports massage.

Ron has worked with all Athletes from all different sports such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, IFBB, WBFF, AFL, MLS  world’s strongest man, world’s fastest woman on bike, pro cyclists, rugby, tennis, frisbee, crossfitters, triathletes, ironman as well as collegiate swimmers and track & field. Most important the weekend warriors.

Simon Briscoe,  LMT
Athletic Tune-Up Professional

Simon Dean Briscoe is a graduate of Lauterstein Conway Massage School. Upon earning his license he ventured off in the pursuit of mentors, experience and adventure. This led him to working in spas, chiropractic offices and chair massage gigs before meeting and befriending Ron Vaughn who he has studied under. Having grown up in a very active household he finds fulfillment in helping people move better and live pain free lives. 

Simon has been helping people move better and with less pain since 2015. He uses massage and training to help people address the root of their problem. Whether help for posture, pain, or general athleticism, he can help you on your journey.


Simon loves spending the first hour of most mornings with his nose in a book. When not reading you might find Simon balancing on a bosu ball, looking for the next best hiking trail, or trying to set up a Risk/poker night with his friends.

Fun Facts: 

-Simon has lived in 6 states. 

-Both of his parents are foreign (Dutch mother and South African father). 

-By age 50 he plans to be traveling the world teaching.