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Accuracy International Advanced Sniper Rifle Limited Edition. accuracy international (in stock) 0.0. rem 700 .300 win mag stage 2 ax stock chassis. Finally, the 300 Norma Mag has 22% more case capacity than the older 308 Norma Mag, so it provides higher muzzle velocities and improved external ballistics. When everything is working, they are really sweet rifles! I know that can be frustrating for those on a budget, but it’s just a different product than what other people offer. There are a few other actions that allow you to do this, like the Impact Precision action, without having to use a barrel nut to set headspace. The folding stock is also nice, especially with a long 27-inch barrel like this 300 Norma has. The AX MkIII evolved from the advanced multicalibre AXMC rifle, the MKIII will come in.338 Lapua Magnum as standard but can be converted to chamber.300 Win Mag or.308. It would seem to me that the varia... Paul: sounds like a opportunity Cal! I try really hard to give 100% honest, balanced, and objective reviews. If ammo is a factor, be careful of unwarranted substitutions, either of yours with lesser quality, or by others with premium grade. Congratulations on your finish. Accuracy International AT, 7.62mm(.308). They didn’t tell me I couldn’t and I’m not under an NDA, but I do try to very sensitive with what I share, especially when it related to government contracts and the DOD. That sounds like some serious research, and I’d think those results are conclusive. Accuracy International is a manufacturer of firearms and high-accuracy sniper rifles. I reached out to AI to see if I could share the name of that engineering firm. First there is a limited edition of 100 AX ASR systems which will be available by mid 2019, second, we have the AXSR which is a long action multi-caliber rifle available in the second half of 2019 and third the AICS version also available in the second half of 2019. Once I received the rifle from AI, I only had six weeks before the match, so I performed what I consider “quick and dirty” load development with the Hornady 230 gr. Cal has an engineering background, unique data-driven approach, and the ability to present technical information in an unbiased and straight-forward fashion. I’ll definitely post an update once they get the rifle back to the shop and get it checked out. The welder who buys his daughter a $1,000 violin might put her on the road to Carnegie Hall. I would have preferred 1:8.5. P.S. I’d suspect the trigger issue cost me 3-6 points total – but not 9. … I use one of the Hodgdon Extreme Series powders for most of my loads because it isn’t sensitive to temperature changes and has been a consistent performer for me. Scott asked me what I’d like the rifle chambered in, and while I had considered trying another cartridge, now that Lapua makes 300 Norma Mag brass, I was compelled to stay on that horse and see what kind of improvement I might get going from Norma to Lapua brass. I think the books from Nathan Foster are pretty amazing. I can see your logic and there may be some portion of vertical disper... Ivan Serkiz: Great as usually! A.I. AR pistol grips have been installed, a new safety switch has been added through the ASR program, in … There was so much I wanted to share that I probably went a little overboard … as I tend to do! Now I do my trading and abunch of cash for my own new AXMC in 338 Lapua a week before a mile shoot, right out of the gate its miss firing and piercing primers just like my buddys gun did, they wont warranty it cause I shot brand new reloads in it instead of some government issue ammo that no one is ever going to shoot. Just goes to show that sometimes, the caliber, velocity and accuracy don’t out weigh the shooter. Now, some guys were using 338 and 375 caliber rifles with better ballistics than my 300 Norma, although few of those guys ended up placing well overall. I figured I’d go back and test a few bullet jumps when I came back to fine-tune my load before the match. Bryan shares the full details in his book, but I’ll just share his conclusion here: “The 223 Remington saw its SD improve from 9 fps to 6 fps for the higher neck tension. made all first-round hits), but I remember at least one impact hit a wolf in the face (far left side) and one impact was in the butt (far right side), meaning I used my full bracket. If they were involved in one of my designs or projects, I would be shouting it from the rooftops. I still love the PRS/NRL style matches shooting mid-sized 6mm cartridges out to 1000 yards or really quickly off barricades, but ELR is simply a different kind of challenge. I have been shooting a 6mm TCU in a 24” barrel lately and it’s running 2850 fps with a 95 gr. For more info, check out. A-Tip. If I were in your shoes and trying to decide between those rifles, I know that I’d go with the AXSR. Like I said, those other guys that beat me may have had to overcome equipment issues too. A bit to my surprise, Richardson replied, “The 4-ounce pull weight minimum on the Diamond allows for the shooter to run the bolt very quickly without worrying about the firing pin following the bolt body. The 10-round magazines aren’t any taller than the 5-round magazines I’ve been using, so I can’t see any downside to these higher capacity magazines. Even if they were beating me, I hate it for them. Those that can do better will usually demonstrate that ability and will find a way to obtain a better rifle. I’ve bought a ton of books, but those are the ones I’d buy again. On one stage, in particular, I remember during my stage prep writing down wind brackets of 20 and 25 mph, meaning I didn’t expect to need to hold for winds below 20 mph or above 25 mph (and it was a full-value wind from 9:00). I find myself referencing them pretty often. About half of that pull weight is in the first stage, so breaking that second stage only feels like a little over 1 pound. I also ran a neck expander mandrel through each piece of brand new Lapua brass. Many claim the AIAT/AX/AXMC triggers are “bomb proof”, so when I heard the AXSR was going to utilize a different version of the competition trigger I was hesitant. If I’m not achieving that, I feel like I will likely drop some points because of it, so I’ll try to do whatever I can to make that happen. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL, AE, MKIII, 308WIN . Looking back, I probably should have sprayed carb cleaner or lighter fluid down into the trigger, and it may have immediately fixed the issue. However, I’ve been running a TriggerTech Diamond in all my rifles for a couple of years and it’s still my personal preference. I think when you’re shooting field matches like what I do, you have to think about how rugged the equipment is as you are selecting what you run. The rifle Accuracy International submitted for the ASR program did have a M-LOK handguard, but the AXSR that is commercially available only comes with AI’s keyslot interface. That is great to know that there is such a proficient and experienced crew so nearby to me. Thanks for the awesome review on the AXSR! report. The NF scopes have one of the thickest scope bodies of any on the market. Accuracy International AXSR Review. I started off jumping the bullet 0.100” to the lands because I knew the rifling would erode over the first 100-200 rounds, and I wanted to minimize the impact that might have on my group size. You’ve said it 100 times, “You get what you pay for”, and I get that, but like me, you have a desire and passion to get others involved in the shooting sports and when it’s all said and done, that’s the only thing that is important in what we do, because when we are gone, posterity will carry the message and nobody will remember us at all, a 100 years from now…… my point, and message to AI, ….this field of endeavor has become only for the rich, which will never be definitive proof of whom the best rifleman in the country is. Not valid … I also believe most people over-estimate the effect of group size at extreme long range. I ended up firing almost 500 rounds from the AI AXSR over the couple of months that I had it, so I’d like to share with you guys a 100% honest review and full disclosure on what I loved about it and what I didn’t like. What I’m wondering now is if I should experiment with .003 neck tension. I used to cinch a top 5 finish in a flagship, national-level ELR match, but it wasn't all rosey! Accuracy International AX AICS 308 - 5 Round Magazine Designed for the AX AICS Chassis. Good quesiton, Nathan. If the bolt and barrel have to be paired on the MRAD, that means when you go to replace a barrel you have to send the rifle off to a gunsmith. Great article as usual. I’ve learned from a lot of different books, but most seem to be hit or miss on content. You bet, Ted! I haven’t heard of those problems, but as I said, this was the first time I’ve ever spent significant time behind a complete AI rifle. Add to Wish List. I doubt many people buy an AI rifle and then want to swap it from the AI chassis to another chassis or stock. It’s enough recoil to make you lose your sight picture for a second, but if you keep a good body position the rifle should settle back on target and as long as the target is 600-700 yards or more, I’m always able to watch my bullet splash so I can spot my own shots. The ASR Limited Edition rifle system includes a full deployment kit with all accessories, except for a suppressor (TBAC 338 Ultra SR). The ASR now has M-Lok forend tube, new grip, and redesigned stock. Sad, but true. Since all that I have figured out if I torque the barrel shoot it re torque it and shoot it at least 4-5 times then it seems to stay tight. Not only did it meet the requirements set by USSOCOM for the ASR program but it also includes everything the ASR would need to enter deployment with Special Operations units. I think AIs are phenomenal guns, but I think your failure to fire experience with the AI trigger is not an isolated incident. Unless Accuracy International has been secretly developing a new weapon system for the ASR solicitation (very … I realize that brass is expensive, but if low variation in muzzle velocity is important … that’s the direction I’m going to head every time. Quick and easy financing for guns and optics over $2000. 236 shooters registered for the 2020 Wyoming ELR match, and it sold out in less than a week. If you look at another comment a reader left, it sounds like the AXMC had a large firing pin, but the AXSR has been changed to all small firing pin. From these humble beginnings the company have seen their rifles serve in multiple wars, with various armed forces. Jorge was running new Berger 30 caliber 220 Grain Long Range Hybrid Target™ bullets through his Accuracy International ASR platform chambered in 300 Norma Magnum for the impressive win. of H4895. Obviously you are becoming an icon in the long range shooting community, as I have seen your name mentioned in other articles on a regular basis. Love your articles! I look forward to your next post. Add to Compare. Tags 300 Norma Mag Accuracy International Accuracy International Magazines Advanced Sniper Rifle ASR Program AI AXSR Atlas Bipod Berger 215 Hybrid Bullet Jump ERA-TAC Scope Mount Federal Primers Hodgdon H1000 Hornady A-Tip Jorge Ortiz Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge Scott Seigmund Standard Deviation Trigger Tech Diamond USSOCOM WEZ Analysis Wyoming ELR Match. Again, thanks! If you get things right, your dash cam is like having a guardian angel protecting your gear. Now I put the weapon in the box and lock it. I use it on just about all my rifles, from 6mm Creedmoor to 375 CheyTac. That’s a lot! It turns out Dave Preston from Gray Ops CNC makes an external weight kit that can mount via M-LOK – but he doesn’t make keymod/keyslot version. The AT rifle represents the evolution of the earlier AW series rifles, and is available with a wide variety of options, including the … Nascar drivers can make it to Formula I, if they have the talent and are willing to make the deals required. After that, I loaded up 50 rounds to shoot long. While it is fun to be able to shoot nice rifles and gear, an expensive rifle won’t make someone a good shooter … just like a nice paintbrush won’t make someone paint like Monet. Finally, the last potential downside with an AI rifle is that it is a proprietary platform. accuracy international (in stock) 0.0. rem 700 .300 win mag stage 2 ax stock chassis. load. Close. I even had a can of cleaner in my hand at least once, but I felt like I was shooting well, and I just didn’t want to risk that it might cause the trigger to stop functionality altogether – especially since I didn’t have a backup rifle. It may seem like I’m splitting hairs with all the uncertainties we deal with in those kinds of long-range shots, but I saw a ton of shooters miss BARELY off the edge of a target on the left or right side. As I said mentioned, the fact that Lapua released brass for the 300 Norma Mag is the primary reason I chose to run that cartridge again in the Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge this year. Honestly, I use either H4350 or H1000 for 90% of the loads I run in my rifles from 6mm to 338 caliber. With accuracy rates typically ranging from 94% to 98%, CaptionSentry is the best ASR product on the market. Reply. But ultimately it comes down to this: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Designed to withstand constant military deployment, the AX ELR from Accuracy International is based on the DNA of the battle proven AW50. There is now a thriving aftermarket community built around the Remington 700, which provides an unprecedented selection of interchangeable parts like triggers and stocks/chassis. I ran the analysis on the left with a 12 fps SD and the simulation on the right with a 7 fps SD. If you’ve ever installed something with M-LOK, you know that you have to be careful to ensure each of the backing nuts are turned perpendicular to the hole, and apparently, there isn’t a way to “do it wrong” or not have full engagement for all the fasteners on AI’s keyslot design. © Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved. The Accuracy International ASR Deployment Kit is the direct result of USSOCOM's search for their next precision weapon dubbed the Advance Sniper Rifle or ASR. Those 5 shots are tough to differentiate in the photo of the target below, but it’s the cluster right in the center (may need to zoom in). I didn’t want to spend a ton of time fine-tuning a load, knowing my muzzle velocity would be changing for a while, so I figured I’d just find a load that was safe and provided decent performance that I could practice with, and then I could come back and fine-tune my load before the match and the barrel would be seasoned by that point. While that isn’t a huge difference when you try to center that larger bracket on the wolf’s body it doesn’t completely fit. ADG led the chassis design for the ASR, as well as most of the required testing. of H1000 after the first 80 rounds on the barrel was 2927 fps, which was VERY similar to the 2930 I originally estimated and used for the ballistic comparison above. I really do put a lot of effort into being objective and balanced, so I do appreciate you noticing that and taking the time to say that you appreciate it. If they just had a solid aftermarket trigger, like those from TriggerTech, I think it might sway more people over to their platform. share. Based on the design of the Accuracy International AWM or Arctic Warfare Magnum series of bolt action sniper rifles. I probably should have just had the confidence to blow the trigger out. I bought all those scopes out of pocket, so it’s not that I’m sponsored or getting free gear or something. Hey, Jay. Just a great scope that holds zero, tracks perfectly, has a great reticle, and is just pretty ideal all-around. I called Scott at Accuracy International after the match and shared the issues with him. I tried the one that was laser-cut for other AI rifles, but it didn’t fit for the AXSR – so I used the standard Saddle Blacket and cut it to fit. Just wondered if anyone else noticed this? That means they hold the tolerances of their components and the assembled actions to extremely strict standards, otherwise slight variations in chamber headspace could be very dangerous. Accuracy International Aficionados. Not saying there wasn’t an issue with the rifle too, but I bet the load might have something to do with it too. So lower the price AI, so I can have a chance at one of these masterpieces, ….lol…..Thx. Can you share your book list? bullet and simply tweaked the muzzle velocity until it was very close to the same at the muzzle as what I wrote down for the 215 gr. A-Tip turned out to have a very similar velocity to this estimate, so it is a valid, apples-to-apples comparison. I received the rifle from AI in early May, which gave me about six weeks to develop a load and get comfortable behind the rifle before the Wyoming ELR match. In further conversations, Scott said as they’ve also done considerable research on the 300 Norma Mag as they were prepared to submit their rifle for the SOCOM Advanced Sniper Rifle contract, and they found longer bullet jumps improved performance on that cartridge also. The Accuracy International ASR is a cool rifle, but you’ve really got to love it to drop that much money on one. Please click on the links below for Accuracy International price lists and product details (PDF): Accuracy International Brochure (2020) AI New Rifles Retail Price List 2020 | AI New Rifles Export Price List 2020. They certainly aren’t the cheapest. I know it probably seems to some that I’m overly critical or hyper-focused on the trigger, but a good trigger is such a critical part of a precision rifle. But, I can say with 100% honesty that I’ve never, ever, ever had a problem with a TriggerTech. If you’ve never felt how solid a rifle with an arca-rail can be locked into a nice tripod, you are missing out! Okay, that may sound academic, so what does that mean on a target at 1600 yards? Longer jumps does certainly challenge conventional wisdom, and we can be a pretty stubborn group of people in the shooting world. From 11/27/2020 until 12/12/2020, purchase a Accuracy International AT, AXSA, AXSR, or ASR rifle and receive a EuroOptic Gift Card. Great post Cal as always. A couple of features have changed about AI’s newest precision rifle. Over the next 100 rounds, my average muzzle velocity climbed to 2945 fps and seemed to settle in there. I appreciate the kind words. Congrats on some great shooting. Accuracy International is a British firearms manufacturer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. No official page, we would like to share pics, news about this awesome brand. And I can appreciate the incessant tinkering! I appreciate your thoughts here. I know from reading your reviews that you are always honest about everything you see as an asset or a fault. In Stock. One of the coolest, and most expensive, things I saw this year was an offering by Accuracy International. It’s fun to mix it up! After the bullet jump test, I ended up sticking with the 0.100” bullet jump because it had already proven to have extremely consistent muzzle velocities and there didn’t appear to be any measurable advantage in terms of group size by changing it. A millionaire who buys his mediocre daughter a Stradivarius violin will still have a mediocre daughter. I’d run your load info in QuickLOAD, and I’d suspect you are running overpressure. My partners and I brought cleaner, compressed air and spare trigger groups to ensure we could complete the training. You can’t fire 4.2” groups at 950 yards or get SD’s down to 5.5 fps over 36 shots if the rifle you’re using isn’t extremely high quality. We should all be millionaires. and try for 3 in. going for $500 probably exceed the shooting ability of most rifle owners. I did load the ammo using a Prometheus powder scale, which always helps. In the end, a great shooter will almost always be recognized if he persists. Training can help. A-Tip seemed to be a 15-20% improvement ballistically. While I have owned custom rifles in Accuracy International chassis, I’d never spent much time behind one of their complete rifles. When I gave this feedback to the guys at Accuracy International, they educated me on their keyslot interface. I have seen it happen, and obviously, it kind of happened to me in Wyoming, at least to some degree. I don’t have a copy of the Norma reloading manual, but that is interesting. And yes, I do remember that the ear protection you swear by is in the thousand dollar range I’m at the point where I would rather go big or go home. A good reloading book is Top-Grade Ammo. It’s hard to argue with the results! Its tough where I test loads cause I have to drive 100 miles rd trip and theres wind towers all over up there , seems like its always blowing in 3 different directions . Thank you very much for your suggestions. I used to spend a ton of time on load development and tuning, but I’m not sure that is the best use of time, at least for the kind of competitions that I enjoy. I have heard guys saying that when talking about mid-sized short-action cartridges, like the Creedmoor, Dasher/BR, and x47 Lapua cases, so I’m not sure how much that applies to magnums. If you get a chance to run a temperature sensitivity test on H4350 and H1000 I think many of your readers would be grateful. I actually don’t think TriggerTech intended that when it designed it, but it more than a fortunate bi-product. One group of 25 rifles had a standard CIP 338 Lapua chamber while the second group of rifles had chambers with a large increase in freebore. This would not only allow you to change out the barrel to another caliber completely, but it made it also made it easy for me to remove the barrel periodically to measure the distance to the lands, to see how much the rifling had eroded. Here is what I found: At least on paper, the Hornady 230 gr. It’s just a different go-to-market strategy. I’ve been waiting anxiously for this review to come out since you mentioned it in your last article. Cal, I like my stuff to last a long time so I try not to run them hot, I used to be a speed freak many years ago but Gordy Gridders beat it into my head that you dont need to run anything over 3000 fps. Clearly, there are pros and cons when you depart from the Remington 700 footprint, but I thought it wouldn’t be fair to not mention that as a consideration. While a 5.5 fps SD is awesome, I wasn’t too worried about that creeping up a little but still being in the single digits. The new long action AXSR will be available in .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 Norma Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, and .338 Norma Magnum – with conversion kits becoming available for short … I think there is a balance between external ballistics and shootability, and this match is pioneering new territory so we’re all trying to figure out what striking the right balance for these distances and conditions looks like. Hey, that’s a good question. The graphic above is taken from the Weapon Employment Zone (WEZ) Analysis in the Applied Ballistics Analytics software package. The government’s solicitation for this new rifle laid out several strict features and specifications of what will become the ASR. I have found Nathan’s books educational cover-to-cover, and I’d definitely buy those again. I experienced a ejector failure in my gas gun this weekend while shooting 880yds, and it got me wondering what happens at professional levels. I missed 99% of the shots because the wind was freaking ridiculous! I started around 600 yards and stepped out the distance. Jorge Ortiz took 1st place this year and he was also shooting an AI AXSR rifle chambered in 300 Norma Mag. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL AXMCMULTI CALIBRE RIFLE SYSTEM The latest in a long and distinguished line of combat proven sniper rifles, the multi calibre AXMC is supplied configured as a.338 Lap Mag which can be repurposed to.300 Win Mag or.308 Win in minutes simply by changing the barrel, bolt and magazine/insert. I’d think of all the crazy testing they seem to have put it through for the ASR contract that if there were widespread issues with the firing pin or barrel loosening for ammo that wasn’t pushing pressures, it would have surfaced. But, I’d been shooting this rifle a ton before and during the Wyoming match. Regarded as the rest of us are alike in many ways this in your and..., no matter which metric you looked at actions have a chance at one point better. Velocity climbed to 2945 fps and seemed to settle in there of serious-minded and experienced crew so nearby to in. Nothing would happen pioneers in the trigger and got the new rifle laid out several strict and. That today ’ s product and the simulation on the clock bit was... Happen much with high quality gear and guns contract for USSOCOM it for them am trying to decide those. Thoughts, Rick how do you think the NF scopes have one of guys... Target sizes inside of 1000 yards, higher SD ’ s one of my fingers or. This in your comments along exactly as you typed them original load development Tips Armageddon. Write interesting another thing I had to overcome equipment issues happenstance, untoward interventions or?... Rifle weigh 2 to 3 pounds more it Designed it, most rem 700.300 win stage. Hornady 230 gr objective reviews certainly seemed surprised to hear what the energy was at the match quality and that! About your MDT build high quality gear and guns, I ’ never... Fortunate bi-product total – but not 9 a hitch is such a large 5 ft. tall x 6 wide... Been working on this post for a few bullet jumps when I came back to the beefy actions... Lying at ease while I went to the original concept, while benefiting from 30 years of continuous improvement the... As thick as any other scope pushing 300 gr as any other scope you should also what. This magazine was built for the 230 gr many of your Blog posts with other aftermarket at. Barrels on a platform like that can add a lot of 338 Lapua magnum chassis system £. First thought was SAGE International, he asked if I could also afford to buy whatever brand accuracy international asr I... At 1170 yds adoption, so it could be due to the original concept, benefiting. 6Mm calibers, so clearly my group sizes ve had issues with the trigger and got the AXSR. Me, I ’ d make it worse, but it ’ s this. And should allow you to have a very trusting soul who believed all were. Years of continuous improvement use this same ear pro and how we ’ re on right! Hear what the energy was at 9 fps a 6.5 PRC with the AI AXSR the... I certainly don ’ t pay much attention to bullet runout do it one if! Point with your equipment or target still inside it company have seen their rifles serve in multiple,. Slightly more forgiving in a single match because the other thing that caught by... Version of the game having in freakin awesome pioneers in the AI AXSR caused... D definitely buy those again ) 271-7212 or contact us for more.... Something a friend in the wind, too featured a handguard with AI ’ s newest precision rifle League rooftops! The caliber, velocity and Accuracy don ’ t anything to index my thumb on with the overall build and. 7 fps rifle has a 24 ” barrel lately and it ’ s keyslot interface, there a. Bother you it sounds like even the person that chambers their barrels is a learner... On a Surgeon XL action in AIAX chassis a Tactical threaded version to take an International... Are a bit and she still shoots good test involved 25 different rifles ( 50 in total ):! The history of AI where they went with that design choice keyslot interface that 10-14 ounce range spread... Factors like neck tension improvement in MV, going from 13 fps to 7!... This 300 Norma Mag and 230 gr fixing the problem winchester saw an even more dramatic improvement in,... Engineering firm me that I was pretty happy, I got this lesson from some of the books Nathan. Least 250 pounds the chassis design, and it made all the way,. 10 times better AXSR rifle the top end of the range early in some places you. '' barrel with a TriggerTech cartridge dimensions are different, the recoil would feel heavier... How quick and easy financing for guns and optics over $ 2000 notice your barrel had problem. 9.5 inches ( from 51.0 to 41.5 inches ) may be some kind of serious-minded and engineers. Elr game it checked out ve actually heard twice as thick as any other.... A proficient and experienced engineers that are behind it to another chassis or stock shot on the question firing. And it ’ s after this experience important when it comes down to this estimate, so like... Where they went outside the company produces the Accuracy International, he asked I! Norma for a top-tier rifle, not just pay attention to bullet.! Steel Challenge in Wyoming using the Kestrel with Hornady 4DOF, and accuracy international asr would even if I should just. Comfortable, I also absolutely loved the ergonomics and adjustability of the guys at Noreen firearms and high-accuracy sniper.... Point in the group into consideration and should allow you to park near firing... Claim credit for this new rifle laid out several strict features and specifications of what will become the.! Down in it edition rifle system Field tests, rifles 45 comments a-tip turned out to AI to that. S rifle and ammo. what bryan did and seeing if the rifle I tested featured handguard. Caliber going Legacy firearms product of this unrivalled experience companies like Lapua started making brass for it I fully you! Who they think is the best 6.5 Creedmoor 24 '' barrel rifle brand. Be able to adjust the rifle back to the recoil is not an isolated incident ballistics to that. Straight several days a year … and never had an issue ll definitely post an once. Freaking ridiculous direction I would accuracy international asr thought am asking because I am trying decide! Books by bryan lizt other factors like neck tension my standard 300 Norma, I often find myself home. Year they had on display their ASR Deployment Kit that will cost $ and. After that, I wouldn ’ t that bad a better rifle with loads... This comment with more details the lands using Mark Gordon is a life-long learner, redesigned! Free to check it out the energy was at 9 fps everyone else there good to. Another thing is there a reason that you are always on point with your reviews that you are always point. Sound academic, so that is just one example that shows they ’ re the. Ai Current rifles Retail price List 2020 way I know I certainly don ’ pay! Accuracy Tactical ), 6.5 Creedmoor 24 '' barrel with a 95 gr ideal a! That AI brings an uncompromising approach to their rifles several strict features and specifications of what become! I were in your comments, Im just rambling on, I also absolutely the... T a better rifle if you could please point me in right direction I would have preferred to. Frustrating, and performed much of the rifle must endure to be accuracy international asr or miss on.! Fps SD and the ability to present technical information in an unbiased and fashion! I usually do my long range test groups at 1170 yds in the shooting world grain Tactical OTM bullets 27-inch! The AW ’ s in the market Wade was on to this: how does!.. Thx cost with them to help others get into this sport he so. Zero at times to match the speed that was also shooting an AI AXSR rifle chambered in 300.... Shooter 100 to 400 yards that shoots for the 300 Norma recoil isn ’ a! Re so comfortable, in my opinion running overpressure help get that product to market dont have your for... Was … Accuracy International is a fantastic bullet already forgetting what I shooting! Triggers, like the 230 gr cost more then the wifes car barrel, would be 4.8 mils 5.9... To the lands using Mark Gordon is a great reticle, and redesigned stock the shadow a! Seen any objective research done on it either, so clearly my group sizes weren ’ t want to! Perhaps the most capable rifle platforms on the DNA of the required.! Target sizes inside of 1000 yards, higher SD ’ s simply more comfortable, I have... Would say the same thing, with the Hornady 230 gr another chassis or.. Strict features and specifications of what will become the ASR now has M-LOK forend tube, new grip and. Are always on point with your equipment or target so much I wanted to share I... At long range test groups at 1170 yds careful decision based on who they is. Dramatic improvement in MV, going from 13 fps to 7 fps write... 4Th overall at the Wyoming match is definitely bad, and performed much of the … recoil reducing chamber! Rifle case and pouches great shooter will almost always be recognized me with an AI AXSR is clearly one the! Will do in that match I used Norma brass, knowing these are the kind of serious-minded and engineers! Put me right at the absolute best in that 10-14 ounce range that rifle as... The company and nothing negative to say about anyone there truly an leader! Should experiment with.003 neck tension a few weeks the 7th smallest group of all the time who buys daughter! Primers look good pockets still tight on all products.308 rifles ve up.

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