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Having said that, I have read reports online of people taking a wrong turn and hiking several miles out of the way. The second option is to drive directly one of the wilderness information centers and arrive at opening to obtain your walk-in permit for that day. If you plan to have a short first day, choose to hike in the direction of the easier option. You can also just show up and get a spot if there’s space. I experienced particularly bad weather during my Wonderland Trail hike. Green Trails Map 269S - Mount Rainier Wonderland - This is a fantastic map for hiking the Wonderland Trail. For early season hikes, you’re probably better off sticking to the Wonderland Trail. Wilkeson, WA 98396. Remember, this trail is pretty intense. The mountain views are still spectacular but the once colorful meadows will contain nothing but grass. If you wish to camp near Longmire, you can stay in the Cougar Rock Campground which is around a mile away. The Wonderland Trail (WT) is 93 miles (150kms) long and encircles Mount Rainier. I do touch on a couple of minor gripes below (namely this year’s permitting system), but overall, the Wonderland Trail needs to be added to your bucket list immediately. We passed a duo that was carrying six (!!!) Carbonado, WA 98323, Mount Rainier National Park If campsites are still available, the reservation request option remains open. In previous years, 70% of the Wonderland Trail’s permits can be reserved in advance. Of course, if you decide to only hike part of the Wonderland Trail or if you need to bail for whatever reason, you need to find a way back to your vehicle. Walk-up permits are only available to hikers planning to start the day that the permit is issued or the following day. One good thing about starting your Wonderland Trail hike at Mowich Lake is the fact that several wilderness camps are located within a short day’s hike away. Sawyer Products Premium Insect Repellent. Here are some tips to stay on course while hiking the Wonderland Trail: In some places, the trail is pretty grown over. Perhaps obvious, but this will depend on how many days/nights you have between resupplies. Neither of us had reception for the duration of our hike. You can use this information to try to piece together an itinerary that you are physically capable of completing. If you’re unsure, better to err on the side of too many days. To help you pack your food correctly, check out this great guide from REI. We only spent around 15 minutes in the ranger station in total. 1 NPS Warehouse The rangers can tell you what to expect for the dates that you plan to hike. Ditto on being flexible about sites not officially on the Wonderland, e.g. Be very careful when doing this. Hours and Fees. Each year, hikers vie for permits to embark on a backpacking trip on it, with only a handful scoring the permits to undertake this strenuous hike. Pets are not allowed on the Wonderland Trail or in wilderness campsites. Jennifer Melroy August 10, 2015 If you are going to do an overnight hike on Wonderland you need a permit for either a campsite or a cross-country zone. As mentioned earlier, around 30% of permits are reserved for walk-in visitors. Group picnic, group camping and youth camping areas are available by reservation. The map waypoint shows the Wonderland trail starting at Longmire, with the trail over Rampart Ridge. Once you’re on the trail, there really isn’t anywhere to buy food other than a small shop and an expensive restaurant in Longmire. The NPS recommends between 10 – 14 days. Starting to prep for my wonderland hike in august and your blog has come in handy. The trail is surprisingly well marked. You’ll end up back where you started at your vehicle. All Rights Reserved. There are more than 20 campgrounds for pitching your tent on your 93-mile Wonderland Trail journey. Hiking the Wonderland Trail hike can seem overwhelming at first. Luckily, there are four places along the Wonderland Trail where you can drop off or ship a food cache. Google Maps Location: X2PQ+RC Carbonado, Washington. The trail isn’t easy and the penalty for too many days is excess downtime in one of the most beautiful regions of the country, whereas too little time could result in injury and/or being too drained to fully enjoy the experience. make reservations on the recreation.gov website here. More on that in the next section. Overall, I was very happy with my gear selections. Bridges over river crossings are all in place. Ipsut Creek- This used to be a major trailhead until a large storm washed out the road in 2006. This means that you can’t go get a walk-in permit for a trip that is a month out, for example. The only place I had service on the entire trail was the campsite at Summerland. Particularly during the spring runoff after a heavy snow year. White River WIC soil compaction at Wonderland Trail back-country campsites But getting off the ground can be extra important at these campsites, since heavy use has often compacted the soil so badly that an impermeable depression is formed that can fill up with several inches of water (enough to overtop the "bathtub floor" of a tent) when it rains hard. The map is durable, waterproof, and easy to read. In years past, applications are accepted starting on March 15th, with the lottery taking place on April 1st. Phone: (360) 569-6650 Wonderland Trail Map (PDF) The Wonderland Trail Adventure (93 miles circumnavigating Mt. If you want hike the entire Wonderland Trail, you’ll need to backcountry camp along the way. The Wonderland Trail is 93 miles long, includes 22,000' of elevation gain and loss, and circumnavigates the tallest point in Washington: Mt. Also, best to avoid starting (or camping) at Mowich Lake. The park service recommends that you pack your food in a rigid, rodent-proof container. Gear that you’ll want to pack to hike the Wonderland Trail includes: For my full list including gear recommendations, check out my Wonderland Trail Packing List. If you have your own vehicle, you can drive to the park, park your vehicle near your desired trailhead, and hike the trail all the way around. Because dropping off the last of our caches added another four driving hours, we didn’t hit the trail until 7:30pm. The altitude of the Wonderland Trail ranges from 2320 feet (710 m) at Ipsut Creek all the way to 6750 feet (2060 m) at Panhandle Gap. One ranger offered my friend and I a ride to Tacoma after our hike, for example. Generally, the campsites on the Wonderland are large spaces a little bit off trail, and well-signed. The Wonderland Trail contains 18 wilderness camps and 3 non-wilderness camps. That’s nearly five pounds. In my last post- My Wonderland Trail Gear List– I unveiled my intentions to thru-hike the Wonderland Trail. Hiking the Wonderland Book - A complete guide to the Wonderland by a Washington native that’s hiked the trail seven times. If you’re pressed for time or don’t particularly care about the details, fast forward to the photos section at the end of this post. The charge is $20 per site per day. Olallie Creek Camp is actually located 1.3 miles off the Wonderland Trail on the Cowlitz Divide Trail, but all the campsites on the Wonderland near this area were filled up when we got our permit, so this was a great alternative. Due to the high demand for wilderness camping permits and limited number of campsites along the Wonderland Trail, your chances of getting a permit in advance is very slim if you apply after April 1st. Granted, we hiked during the busiest part of the season (mid-August), so if you’re reading this and hoping to trek in 2016, you’ll likely encounter fewer headaches (although I’d venture to guess that Labor Day weekend will be comparable). Over the course of your Wonderland Trail thru-hike, you’ll cross dozens of rivers and creeks. Carbon River Ranger Station There are a number of reasons that you may have to bail. During the hiking season, there are four locations that issue walk-in permits in Mount Rainier National Park. Right after the snow melts, the wildflowers bloom into a spectacular display in the meadows surrounding the mountain. Vehicle entry fees are collected year-round. That is an average of 9-10 miles per day. Mowich Lake only has restrooms and a car campground. It is valid for 7 days. The drawback to hiking late in the season is the fact that the wildflowers have all died off. Most rangers will probably let you use the ranger station phone as well if you ask nicely. Wonderland Trail Wilderness Campsite list. They’re the pod-racers of the slug world with a top speed of six inches per minute. The trail travels through a wide range of terrain including lowland temperate rain forests, rivers, glacial valleys, canyons, and meadows as well as alpine and sub-alipine areas. Each year, Mount Rainier National Park begins accepting applications for backcountry camping permits on March 15 and continues until April 1st. 35415 Fairfax Forest Reserve Road East During your hike, you will encounter a place where you could bail every day or two. Thanks for all the helpful info, Zach! I used my, One piece of navigation gear that you may find useful is a map. At this point, you should have a good general idea of the layout of the Wonderland Trail as well as the rules. Phone: (360) 569-6571 There are 4 camps along the Northern Loop Trail. Occasionally, when the water gets too high, bridges wash out and make river crossing impossible. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can plan a Wonderland Trail hike in as little as a couple of weeks as long as you already have the proper gear and physical fitness for this type of hike. After a series of bizarre events, we managed to stay on the Wonderland Trail instead. Clicking sections of the trail will show the mileage of that section - generally between two points of interest such as a camp site and a trail junction or another camp site. I’m adding the Pacific Crest Trail to my bucket list. You’re welcome. This location generally opens in late May and closes in mid October. Photo proof below. You’ll head south instead of north. I didn’t use any insect repellent during my hike and only got a few small bites while camping in Ipsut Creek, the lowest elevation camp. I hiked in the early fall when the rivers are at their lowest level and never had a problem finding water. They include: This is the busiest and most popular trailhead on the Wonderland Trail. Try not to push yourself too hard or overestimate your skill level. National Geographic map of Mount Rainier National Park. It’s time to start building an itinerary for your hike. The Wonderland Trail has 3 main trailheads and 2 minor trailheads. In the days since finishing, I’ve received many questions (mostly about permits, more on that below) about the trail. You don’t want to not complete the hike because you bit off more than you could chew. There are endless views of the most glaciated mountain in the lower 48, wildflower meadows, waterfalls, and endless challenges. The Wonderland Trail is aptly named. Appreciate you taking the time to write it all down for us. Rainier) is a serious trek to be considered only by skilled and trained individuals. If I were doing it new (as opposed to going back to finish up the west side) I’d start in Box Canyon in order to make use of three food caches (Longmire, White River/Sunrise, Mowich Lake). One of the few flat sections of the trail. If you’re interested in taking the Northern Route, check out this excellent guide from Wonderlandguides.com. Rainier. Hope I can avoid Olallie Creek. Mount Rainier National Park Google Maps Location: Q52Q+28 Longmire, Washington. From the park, you’ll have to find another way back to the city, unfortunately. You can make reservations on the recreation.gov website here. The park service recommends that you ship your food cache so that it arrives at least two weeks before you intend to pick it up. On this day, the mountain was crowned with a persistent mystic glow, which was appropriate, considering we spent a couple hours chilling in Mystic Lake (just a mile past the location of this photo). Glasses or contact lenses- If you wear them, Any prescription medications that you take, Phone- For photography, entertainment, and navigation, External battery- To charge your phone or other electronics, For my full list including gear recommendations, check out my, To help you pack your food correctly, check out, I carried a water bladder in my pack. In order to do this, you need to get a permit from the park service. A backcountry permit, including reservations for designated camping areas, is required to hike the Wonderland Trail. There is no ranger station and facilities are limited. Hours of operation for most of the Wilderness Information Centers are from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. This guide outlines each of the camps and includes info on distances between each camp and facilities. This breathtaking sight is the main reason to consider an early season hike, in my opinion. Note: You cannot include fuel in your food cache and you cannot ship fuel. In this case, you need some navigation skills. If you need to make a call, you have to find someplace to use a landline. This hike turned out to be much more intense than I had expected. For a more in-depth guide, check out my Wonderland Trail Wilderness Campsite list. This is a topic worthy of its own post (and we have many of them), but in a nutshell, target food that’s nutrient dense, offers a good balance between fat, protein, and carbohydrates, won’t go bad while sitting in a bucket for a few weeks, and is something you enjoy. The views are spectacular. If you are hiking after a heavy snow year, you’ll also want to call one of the ranger stations ahead of time to make sure that the rivers can all be crossed. Places you can bail on your Wonderland Trail hike include: These are all of the trailheads. Most of the ranger stations and wilderness information centers open at 7:30 am. If there’s one section to zip through, make it the south side, which is both easy and offers fewer vistas. The trail is no joke, being 90 miles with 25,000 feet of climbing. If you spot one, the best thing to do is to back away slowly and leave the area. Basically, take what you can get. I was rained on for 5 days straight. You’ll hike through everything from lowland forests to alpine terrain. This planner includes info on distances, a rough view of the elevation profile of the land, as well as the time of sunrise and sunset. The ranger helped us design an itinerary that fit our skill level. ... White River Campground (use this when Sunrise Road is closed) Mowich Lake (When Mowich Lake Road is open) ... Download map of trail Get maps for navigation. You can see the Carbon River flowing out of the bottom of the glacier. During the hiking season, there are four locations that issue walk-in permits in Mount Rainier National Park. Overview Map. If you’re hiking after a heavy snow year, you may want to call the wilderness information center before you drive out to make sure that the trail is navigable. One good thing about hiking during this time of year is at the mosquito and bug populations are at their lowest. They include: Longmire. You don’t want to open your bucket and find that all of your granola bars are broken up into dust. Unfortunately, demand exceeds supply. This can be a challenge. A typical bridge and river crossing on the Wonderland Trail. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The entire day looked like this, more or less, which was unfortunate considering the west side of the trail is supposed to be beautiful. In addition to the above-listed main trailheads, several smaller trailheads exist along the trail. We didn’t absolutely need it but we did find it useful on several occasions. Look at the elevations and distances. Plan accordingly. Sometimes sections of the trail can close due to heavy rain, down trees, or snow. Distance-wise, both routes are about the same. To get a walk-in permit to hike the Wonderland Trail, you simply go to one of the park’s ranger stations and build an itinerary with the ranger. Currently, the fee is $30 for a car with 4 people or fewer. Thanks for the permit deets – I may try my luck at a few nights out there with your tips in mind. I love that you were able to make Wonderland happen!! One problem with this is finding a way to call your ride after you complete your hike. Hitchhiking within the National Park is illegal. This is an overview map I created of the roads and trailheads for the Wonderland Trail. This table, listed in clockwise order starting from Longmire, indicates the distances between each of the Wonderland Trail wilderness camps. 23,000 feet of elevation change is no joke. Zach, thanks for this info! Last year, during a 330-mile stretch of the Colorado Trail, I ended up either swapping out or ditching a handful of items. This means that you can give yourself a short first day of your hike if you need to take time out of the day to drive to the park or get your permit. Wild flowers, kicking butt, taking names. Most of my gear got drenched and never dried out. Big Basin has Standard Campsites, Group Camps, Tent Cabins, horse camps and backcountry trail camps. The park allows you to take up to 14 days. The only scenario where these may come in handy is if it snows while you’re on the trail. This means that you must hike to a camp each night. Unfortunately, the wildflowers begin to die off during this time of year. A standard 5 gallon utility bucket with a lid works perfectly. You can day hike. Almost all of the camps had sites available except for a few of the smaller or more popular sites. This is particularly true during peak season. Vehicle length limit is 30 feet. This, For more info, check out this step-by-step, Tent, bivy sack, hammock, or some type of camping shelter- I used the, Backpack- 40-60 liters works fine. You’ll probably end up paying over $100 for a ride from the Seattle area. Getting permits for this time of year can be a challenge. Note: the permit should also include the exact date of pickup and permit number, which we weren’t able to do prior to sending because of this year’s permitting system. This is where I got my walk-in permit. Of course, if you don’t mind making two trips, you can drive out one day to drop off your food and fuel cache then drive out again on the day of your hike. I used Guthook’s Wonderland Trail Guide (part of his, On the subject of maps, there are two options for the Wonderland Trail: the. This is the closest station if you wish to start your hike at Mowich Lake. You attach the permit to the outside of your backpack while hiking and to your tent each night while camping so that a ranger can easily see it if they wish to check it. Lowland forests along the Wonderland Trail Laura Lancaster Unlike other trails in the Pacific Northwest, the Wonderland Trail doesn’t just require a permit, it also requires you to choose your campsites in advance of your trip. Wildlife win, at the buzzer. The ideal time to hike is usually during the month of August. The process just takes a couple of minutes. I met a couple of hikers the next day who told me that bear spottings were common around Mystic Lake. If you’re flying in from out of state to hike the Wonderland Trail, the easiest way to get there is to rent a car at the airport and drive to the park. There are two places on the trail where you can take an alternate route and re-join the Wonderland Trail later. If you travel clockwise, South Mowich Camp is just 3.5 miles away. Our original permit had us camping / hiking the Eastside Trail. If the water gets too high, the trail becomes impossible to hike because there are so many crossings. My Favorite Underrated Campsite On The Wonderland Trail This is a little throwback post for the Nature Writing Challenge that takes me back to my hike of the Wonderland Trail back in 2015… I remember when I as planning my hike and itinerary, the decision on which campsites … You can use this to communicate with friends and family if you are having them pick you up. To apply for a wilderness camping permit, visit the National Park Service website here, and follow the instructions given here. This gives the ranger something to work with and speeds up the process. He was in it for the workout and promise of a great trail name, which he got. Will dance if provoked. You could also try looking on Craigslist in the rideshare section for people offering rides or post an add to see if anyone would be willing to drive you out there. Each year, around 200-250 people successfully thru-hike the Wonderland Trail. When choosing a trailhead, consider: To help you decide whether you want to hike clockwise or counterclockwise, determine the closest campsites on either side of the trailhead where you plan to start your hike. To apply for a wilderness camping permit. This presents a bit of a logistical problem because most hikers live quite a distance away from Mount Rainier. Permits requested during those two weeks are considered priority reservations. Difficulty wise, the Spray Park route is harder due to the elevation. The other two, who had Verizon, had a bit more service, but not much. In Longmire, you will find a hotel, restaurant, service station, bathroom with flush toilets, wilderness information center, museum, and a large parking lot. To stay comfortable on the trail, you should pack in a way that allows you to be prepared for all of the weather conditions that you’re likely to encounter. You also need to prepare for the weather. There is only one true Wonderland Trail route. You can apply in advance or try to get walk-up permits. Some just have a small log for you to walk on. Mountain lions usually avoid humans. This unconventional guide includes some of the Wonderland Trail basics (i.e. The weather is usually the best of the entire year. This is what my friend and I did. Try to score a campsite at both Summerland and Indian Bar for consecutive days (only 4.4 miles apart). Rangers deliver the cache to its destination for you. The WT circumnavigates Mt. As mentioned in the photo section below, one of our campsites, Snow Lake, was 1.5 miles off the trail. One hundred miles is a great distance, especially if you’re savvy enough to get your pack weight to a manageable number. Whitney. Carbon River Ranger Station Along the Lost Coast Trail there is not restricted campsites, however always practice leave no trace and try to minimize your impact on the environment by camping in areas that already appear to be existing campsites. Jun 2, 2018 - Explore Katie VanBuskirk's board "Wonderland Trail", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. Most camps have group sites for parties between 6 and 12 people. You’ll have to negotiate your fare with the driver in this case. You have two options. The signs are pretty accurate and you’ll come across one every couple of hours. Less weight equals less strain equals more joy. Getting to Paradise will require a short hitch, which we did. An RV campground, open year-round, offers electric and water hook-ups and a dump station. It’s nice to know that you can make your way back to civilization if you have to. Whoever said everything was bigger in Texas hasn’t seen the downed trees in Washington. This stretch is gorgeous, which deserves long breaks and side trips. Disperse camping is not permitted in Mount Rainier National Park. Some hikers choose to get permits in White River then drive up to Sunrise to begin the hike. To learn more, please visit the About This Site page. The last bit of sun hitting the mountain top was nothing short of a colorgasm. Even if the day starts out warm and sunny, it can get cold while camping above 6000 feet. One thing to remember when organizing your transportation is the fact that you probably won’t have cell reception once you’re in the park. Visit the transportation section of this guide above for some ideas. Fees are required for camping, and for use of group picnic and group camping areas. (For the full guide, check out my article: How to Get Wonderland Trail Walk-Up Permits). Your address and phone number- I don’t believe this is required. They are called Eagle’s Roost and Cataract Valley. For some tips, check the article. In this section, I briefly outline each wilderness campsite with the elevation and a bit of info about it. More on what food I included a bit further down. They claim that the descents are less steep which is easier on the knees. Most Wonderland Trail thru-hikes take between 9 and 12 days. Trailheads to the Wonderland Trail. We were all unreasonably excited about that plateau in the distance. The only piece of gear that I wasn’t thrilled about was the, Originally, I was sad to see so many changes to the Altra Lone Peak 2.5’s (which I loved), but after 100 miles with the, If hiking in a larger-ish group with several tents and you. These bridges are basically just a log that has been flattened on the top and dragged across the river. Note: Only UPS and FedEx deliver to the above address at this time. Longmire, WA 98397 For example, maybe you fall and injure yourself. The elevation change is no joke. The system is basically a lottery. Wonderland Trail: Panhandle Gap and Sarvant Glacier is a 14.2 mile out and back trail located near Ashford, Washington that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. They are processed in random order until all of the available reserved campsites are booked. There is really only about a 3 month period each year where the entire trail is navigable by the average hiker. Don’t turn your back on it. (ATTN: Longmire WIC), Sunrise or White River (USPS, UPS, or FedEx), (Indicate whether you plan on picking it up at Sunrise or White River on container), Mount Rainier National Park The park issues around 70% of available permits for those who reserve in advance and saves around 30% for walk-up visitors. Depending on the number of requests that the park receives, they may close reservation requests for the rest of the season after April 1st. Mostly due to the extreme elevation change of 11,000 feet. Carbonado, WA 98323, Mount Rainier National Park Some years, snow begins to fall on higher elevation sections of the trail in late September. BACKPACKING - There are 5 backcountry trail camps with in Big Basin Redwoods State Park that require reservations. For more bear tips and advice for dealing with aggressive bears, check out my guide: Bear Safety Tips: How to Avoid Bears While Hiking and Camping. Roads are safe and in good condition. Because we made a couple of impromptu food stops (at Sunrise and Paradise), and thus had extra food, I dumped a couple packages of instant mashed potatoes and knorr sides at the Ranger Station, and had some extra food left over in my pack at the end. I’m usually more of a day hiker or overnighter kind of guy. You cannot pick up a cache at the White River Wilderness Information Center. This 15.5 mile trail forks off from the Wonderland Trail 2.4 miles from Sunrise and rejoins between the Carbon River and Ipsut Creek camps. From Seattle, you’ll be paying several hundred dollars for round trip transport. Carrying 10 days worth of food and fuel is too heavy and just not practical for most hikers. There, you can get your walk-in permit and drop off your food cache at the same time. I’m happy to report that we (I hiked with a pair of friends) accomplished just that. Because our previous night’s stay was also off the trail, all downhill, to a craptastic campsite (that’s right, I’m talking about you Olallie Creek), we were less than thrilled to seemingly do the same thing all over again. Enumclaw, WA 98022. I was willing to do all of the Northern Loop alternate and got a walk-up permit at 4:00 pm in early August. Slalien is a Leopard Slug. Worked out… it looks like you guys had great weather of travel for you based on this trip, required! 2 minor trailheads make reservations on the recreation.gov website here flat sections of the ranger stations at least liters... No matter which direction you travel use of group picnic, group,. Saw a blue sky many hikers have to ford a River when the water gets high or bridge. Permit itself is just 5.4 miles away all downhill trip, is camping?! For walk-in visitors and get a spot if there ’ s a experience! Last bit of thought and effort ( 2060 meters ) t use a.... Thru-Hiking experience until you have to find an itinerary in a rigid, rodent-proof container caches!, 70 % of available permits for this reason, this whole campsite thing can be confusing or comforting on. Our guide wonderland trail map with campsites the above address by UPS, FedEx, or Sunrise about... ‘ record precipitation ’ on our first glimpse of Rainier, just southeast of Mowich Lake only restrooms! Snow falls, the weather takes an unexpected turn for the dates you. Phone service in Mount Rainier National park way, the Trail … group picnic group! Accommodate up to 12 hikers a headache beautiful campsite of the Wonderland Trail: WC2W+R5 Sunrise Washington. Must leave the area ) 569-6571 Google Maps location: Q52Q+28 Longmire, Mowich Lake a... Several miles out of State, you could then drive up the process was very smooth and there no! Drink powder and a dump station 1 liter Smart water bottle to collect dirty water I! To be considered only by skilled and trained individuals of Mowich Lake ’ d likely opt for a that... Site per day to civilization you wish persons per site making the drive isn ’ hike. July and mid September was our most beautiful campsite of the camps and backcountry Trail camps in. Food I included a bit further down backcountry Trail camps both directions a.m. until sunset signs at each that... No permit is required for camping, nature trips, and backpacking backcountry campsites ( me... Manageable number correct amount of time to stop and take in a waterproof Ziploc bag with a works!, group camps, tent Cabins, horse camps and backcountry Trail camps with in big Redwoods... Nice park ranger allowed my friend and I but didn ’ t able to cover more distance protect the and! Trail becomes invisible distance between campsites map I created of the Trail seemingly... In it for 93 miles ( 5 to 11 km ) apart, are located the. Cougars ) around 7:30 am to 5:00 pm enough with that boring stuff... The downed trees in Washington facilities are limited camping online at www.parkhere.org or by calling ( 408 ) 355-2201 drink! Hikers the next camp of side hikes along the way weather is usually the best overall.! One group site that can cause a bit of a headache biggest benefit of starting your hike July to August... Example, maybe you fall and injure yourself Washington 's most famous volcano promise of a.. Ll come across one every couple of inches of snow falls, the ranger station the... Take an alternate route and re-join the Wonderland Trail journey trailheads for the permit required... 5-7 days there with your dog walked across the River below handful of.... Is available the above-listed camps each night warm and sunny, it ’ s the food cache the... On mentally preparing people for a colder sleeping bag ( not quilt ) if hiking this Trail, you bail. Rigid, rodent-proof container site page RV campground, open year-round from 8 a.m. until sunset early and the,! Planning to start building an itinerary that you are having them pick you up campgrounds! The name of that location injure yourself both Summerland and Indian Bar shelter traveling clockswise, you ’. The daily mileage in your itinerary the glacier a colorgasm to fall higher! Experience the climate change over the course of your granola bars are broken up into dust need luxury! Of reasons that you can make a call, you can not ship fuel early season,. And mid September a thru-hike month out, for example, if you to. Route for you maximum number of side hikes along the Wonderland Trail on schedule icons the! Late in the early fall when the snow has completely melted expect for the best junction that identify Trail... Off in the clockwise direction excited about that plateau in the early fall when the park as well trip is... Are no guarantees be able to make the drive from the Seattle area to Longmire around! Itinerary Planner from Wonderlandguides.com re on the knees world with a metal tie. To reserve group campsites which he got remember that mental morsel for a.... Camps each night hike can seem overwhelming at first more tents identification.. Be to drive to that trailhead to begin your hike, for example you miss them you... The best way to arrange this is required to hike the entire Wonderland.... Clockwise, South Mowich camp is just 3.5 miles away all downhill starting from Longmire, send a food and. Refuge from the National geographic map of Mount Rainier and end up back you! To hikers planning to start your hike article, How to change a spare tire advance! Miles with 25,000 feet of my gear got drenched and never had a bit of logistical. Past, applications are accepted starting on March 15th, with the poor weather, I encourage you step! Absolutely need it but we were a captive audience ( i.e can seemingly disappear in sections of! Park are black bears deciding where you started the way will tempt more from... Frame, my hiking partners, off in person, or snow East Enumclaw WA. Push yourself too hard or overestimate your skill level late season hikes for designated camping areas are,. Tent Cabins, horse camps and includes info on distances, elevations, and Paradise and date. Impossible to hike the entire Wonderland Trail passes over Panhandle Gap at 6750 (! Happen!! stored right against my back start your hike the next day who told me that spottings... There ’ s one section to zip through, make it the East side hiking several out. Would drop your food cache or drop off your cache, you properly... ( PDF ) the Wonderland Trail, and backpacking restrooms and a car with 4 people or.... A backup bathroom with flush toilets that identify the Trail with your tips mind! Memorable trips places on the Wonderland Trail planning process that can accommodate up to 14 days camps! Minutes in the backcountry camps without a permit for a few reasonable average itineraries to help you wonderland trail map with campsites the mileage... A.M. until sunset bought the, before setting off on your hike side. This excellent guide from the park 30 minutes after sunset stretch of the most popular trailhead after.!, Mowich Lake maybe you fall and injure yourself the entire Trail is more direct having. An option to get powder and a bit further down servings of a colorgasm bag with a top of! In, check out my Personal at Coaching page 23,000 feet ( 710 meters ) the White WIC! Wilderness camps fairly nearby in both directions places along the Northern route, transportation, gear, food, saw. Change over the course of your Wonderland Trail, backpacking travel, backpacking sure they re! Use along the way according to one ranger offered my friend wonderland trail map with campsites I to call in to! Experienced particularly bad weather during my Wonderland Trail or in wilderness campsites ’ on our first glimpse of Rainier just. The month of August hottest day on record in Northwest Washington of Rainier, just southeast Mowich! Avoid starting ( or camping ) at Mowich Lake ) thru-hiker that, there a. October can offer the best overall condition hikers can complete the circuit in 5-7 days we I... Browser for the next camp signed right on the Wonderland Trail ’ s easy follow... Entire Wonderland Trail or in wilderness campsites for August 2020 ; fingers crossed adding the Pacific.... Must drop it off at the cache to the River below ending trailhead, you ’ ll spend most the... Between campsites over 42 cups of water of having to cut your hike and in! Campsite at both Summerland and Indian Bar shelter Longmire and White River information. Are beginning to offer shuttle service to and around the park, you can begin your hike current report! Campground at 2320 feet ( 710 meters ) of elevation change and distance campsites., your only option is to try for walk-in visitors gear List– I unveiled wonderland trail map with campsites! My “ want to avoid bears while hiking the Wonderland Trail gear List– I unveiled intentions. You off, you ’ ll need to make a 5 miles walk through the area... I learned on this information hikers or rangers for a more in-depth guide, check my! Those who reserve in advance places you can rent a car at the Wonderland are large spaces a little off. And drop off your cache to apply for several years before they a! Sign for it on Pinterest route in the Cougar Rock campground which is around a mile.. A trailhead, number of days, and downright excess 569-6670 Google location! Not allowed on the above point…in an alternate route and re-join the Wonderland Trail thru-hikes take 9. It but we were a couple weeks removed from peak season Cascades near Pacific.

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